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Changing the world, one cloud at a time.

Enabling you to connect, secure and communicate with the world seamlessly is something we do best.  The team at Smart Technology Centre (STC) know how to deliver end-to-end business solutions provide for a seamless customer experience in an increasingly automated world. Understanding the importance of providing highly available, managed services and the business impact of downtime is something we do best.  Our solutions are backed by extensive experience, certification and key partnerships across multiple levels, which combined make business more agile, innovative and efficient

We’re a team of bright, bold, accessible and humble professionals.  More importantly, we’re relevant and understand the value of efficient service delivery – the cornerstone of business operations today.  We know what’s available, and what works.  We know how to deliver the required solution (the first time) and align to what you really need, that is scalable.  The need for speed, availability, security and data integrity to be able to connect and communicate from anywhere, at any time, and across any device seamlessly is key.

Our philosophy is simple we are trying to move away from information technology toward appropriate technology. It’s about what’s right, not what’s available. It’s not what we can do, it’s what people need. No bad choices on offer, only appropriate ones.

Imagine virtually anything.  We can design it, provide it, secure it, route it, switch it,  store it, monitor it and most importantly manage it proactively. We’re changing the way of the world, one cloud at a time and the possibility is endless.

STC Brochure 2016