Don’t have the funding or personnel to prevent virus attacks, manage firewalls and update security protocols? No problem. Outsource your online security services to a company that has the time and expertise to deal with them.

We will fully consolidate, optimise, and manage your security and communication gateways to prevent viruses and mitigate risk through email filtering control and IP mechanisms with our hosted firewall and gated security services. Our Managed Security services will provide proactive 24/7 protection and reduce your administrative burden.

Firewall Services

Our firewall is a barrier that protects your business from risk and malware. We use best-of-breed technology in order to provide a high level of security, and stop threats before they impact your network.

Both on-premises and cloud hosted firewall solutions are available. Our security experts monitor your firewall to provide constant maintenance, bug fixes, and firmware updates.

Secure Remote Access

Prevent unauthorised access to company information by controlling and securing user access across any medium on any device with internet capability.

Insider threats are commonly thought of as one of the most difficult threats to defend against. With the growing use of contractors, freelancers, and temporary employees throughout an enterprise, defending against potential internal threats seems next to impossible. Our secure VPN Portal and SSL publishing services maximise security levels by authenticating the user’s network credentials and permissions to the network.

Managed Endpoint Security

We will secure any device (smartphones, tablets and notebooks) to stop viruses, ransomware and malware before they even enter your business network.

Organisations also need to be able to manage rogue cloud situations, where employees are making use of private sync-and-share platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive, MediaFire, Egnyte and the like. Many organisations have had confidential data exposed as a result of lacking control mechanisms.

Managed Internet Access

We manage your internet connections to help increase productivity and reduce risk by restricting certain sites (such as social media and YouTube) and keeping track of content downloaded.

Define your own specific content-filtering rules to block inappropriate content and decrease business risk. We will provide monthly reports on what type of content users are accessing and highlight any problems. Content inspection is cloud based and carried out at our centralised data department.

Risk and Compliance Assessments

Our team of experienced security engineers will analyse, identify, and provide insight into potential vulnerabilities and offer threat management remediation steps to secure your network at all levels.

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