In the idea economy, technology is a critical contributor to your organization’s growth, supporting both innovation and operational performance. Companies need reliable, flexible and responsive technology to be able to respond to changing market conditions. It is also important to have access to a technology support team to help you identify potential problems and resolve any IT issues as soon as they occur.

We also understand that as IT environments have become more complex, budgets have remained limited, with many organizations having reduced personnel and skills needed to operate existing and emerging infrastructures.

We deliver flexible, cost-effective support, based on the response times you need. Our Technology Support unit offers flexible services and technical skills to meet your IT demands as your business evolves. You can tailor your support to suit your needs, tapping into our skilled team and resources to help extend your in-house capabilities, meet project requirements, and maintain peak performance of your existing infrastructure, as you need IT.

We have established relationships with the world’s leading IT hardware and software brands, enabling us to supply you with all the infrastructure, software, end-user computing, and peripherals you need though our countrywide reseller channels.

You get the choice between three levels of outsourced IT support, so you can make the best choice for your business.We provide:

Tier I support services (Front-line)

Desktop and notebook end-user support
o Basic Local Area Network (LAN) support
o Basic Wide Area Network (WAN) support
o Basic VoIP and handset support
o General end-user support and troubleshooting

Tier II / III advanced support services
Advanced Support Services (Systems and Infrastructure)
o Project Management and Escalations

Customer Specific Service Level Agreements
Our SLA’s can be tailored to meet your budget and information requirements and ensure the right level is available to support your business as needed.

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